Approval Studio in the magazine [UPDATED 04.27.2020]

We have quite a lot of different articles in our blog, that prove the effectiveness of review tools in general and Approval Studio in particular. However, the majority of those are quite theoretical, so we decided to publish a small use case.

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Release Notes: April 2020

Congrats, the new version of Approval Studio is online! Traditionally, we have prepared some new features for you.

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How Design Helps Us Stop COVID-19 Spread

With a COVID-19 pandemic bursting out in the world, people have accommodated various means of fighting it. Social distancing, remote work and remote collaboration, quarantine measures, and so on and so forth.

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How Do You Make Branding Work For You?

You want to create great branding and don’t know where to start. Let’s assume that you already have an idea but don’t know what to do with it. How can you make people notice you and, more importantly, make a long term relationship with your brand?

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Release Notes: March 2020

While the whole world is moving towards remote working, Approval Studio team keeps improving our remote collaboration tool to streamline your approval process.

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7 Project Management Trends For 2020

7 Project Management Trends for 2020

Trends articles are always interesting to write – they kinda tell you a story of this or that industry, leaving just enough room for predictions. What will the industry be like this year and what will people bring to it? Will it change radically within several months or will it continue to move slowly but surely in the same direction it has been moving before?

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Approval Studio is free for medical companies and NGO’s during COVID-19 pandemic

With Coronavirus spreading the world, quarantine is being imposed by more and more countries day by day. At the same time, lots of companies have already decided to move to a WFH (work from home) system that allows their employees to stay away from potentially unsafe contacts still keeping the business up.

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Approval Studio: The Mobile Version Guide

Howdy, folks!

How was your last week? I have to admit, ours was pretty hectic! The whole team was running ‘round, getting ready for a new release, and trying to do their best to add some cool new features that we hope you will find useful.

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Release Notes: February 2020, Part 2


The new version of Approval Studio is online! This release is wholly built on your requests.

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benefits of design collaboration

What are the Benefits of Design Collaboration for Creating a Better Product?

Yeah, we’ve been talking a lot about collaboration on this blog. What choice do we have, though? It is the main engine of the design industry in 2020.

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How to Start a Creative Agency from Scratch?

I bet there’s a time in every designer’s life when they catch themselves thinking: maybe I should create my own firm?

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Release Notes: February 2020, Part 1

Congratulations! The first major Approval Studio upgrade of 2020 has been released!

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10 Ways to Make a Design Project Faster and More Efficient

To make someone’s business more efficient via work with visuals, one has to become a more efficient graphic designer. Become a faster graphic designer. It’s a no-brainer.

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Release Notes: January 2020

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and had enough rest. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a new version of our tool for you that cointains the new interface language – French.

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7 Ways Graphic Designers Benefit From Digital Asset Management Software

Let me tell you a story. Recently I’ve been working on a new creative project of mine – not something from my regular job, rather a hobby…

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What are the Skills to Include in Graphic Designer’s Portfolio?

What is the first thing that you think of when someone says “This designer has the ultimate skills”?

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5 reasons sketching is important

5 Key Reasons Why Sketching Is Important in Graphic Design

Have you ever had some unaccomplished artistic ideas? If you’re into graphic design, you might have had a few or even more.

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top 10 tips for design professionals

10 Best Project Management Tips for Design Professionals

Graphic design is something that takes its own separate place among all other creative industries. Want it or not, we interact with it all the time almost every minute of our lives.

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Release Notes: December 2019

Hello and please welcome the new interface theme called “Color burst” that brings holiday spirit to Approval Studio. Christmas is just around the corner so here’s our small present to you!

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worst christmas designs

Poor Christmas Designs Fixed With Approval Studio Proofing Tool


Christmas artwork workflow patrol’s here.

As the most wonderful time of the year is approaching and everybody is getting busy with choosing presents, decorating their Christmas trees, and standing beneath the mistletoe hoping for a kiss, allowed to sleep we are not. 

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How To Present A Final Design Mockup

A final design presentation is never an easy thing and should be taken as seriously as the designing process itself. How do you do it, though? We have answers, but first, let me introduce someone to you…

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