While the whole world is moving towards remote working, Approval Studio team keeps improving our remote collaboration tool to streamline your approval process.

Today we have released the new version of Approval Studio. Here are the major changes:

  • The reviewers can attach documents and graphic files to comments and annotations.
  • Bulk actions were added to Completed and Archive sections – you can now delete multiple projects at once.
  • Company administrators can now see all the completed and archived projects in Pro version even if they aren’t the project owners.
  • External reviewers are no longer prompted to enter the email, just names.
  • Overall system speed has been increased.
  • We have implemented an automated payment system. Users no longer need to contact the support team to purchase the subscription. You can subscribe to Approval Studio in Company information tab in settings.

We continue working on improvements for Approval Studio and keep on adding new features upon your request. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team to suggest some new functionality that would make your life easier.
Stay safe, wash your hands, work remotely with Approval Studio.

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