Best Online Proofing Tools Based on G2 and Capterra

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon, and many of us might have to stick to “work from home” mode for a while. However, we are now experienced in online collaboration with our teammates and clients. Every company has tried tons of online software to keep their employees tuned to continue the efficient working process.

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11 Essential Tips For Packaging Design Process

Have you heard of the headache-free packaging design process? It seems that there are so many aspects of packaging design that it is impossible even to imagine everything going smoothly. However, there are some tips that will help you to come closer to the desired result.

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Why Design Approval Software Is Getting More Popular

Stop! I say stop sending the client another iteration of their logo in the messenger or, what is even worse, by email. Stop discussing this or that project with everyone separately not being able to comprehend what changes everyone requested and making notes in your notepad that you cannot read later. Just stop. 

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Why Graphic Design Is Important for Your Business

Have you ever seen a successful business that does not have some memorable logo or branding? I have not, and you probably have not as well. Then, the article is finished, and thanks for reading! Just kidding, don’t close the tab just yet.

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Why Design Is So Important

¡Buenas noches!

I am writing this article at night. Thus, please prepare yourself: there’s a slight possibility I will be a bit gibberish, but I’ll surely do my best to get the point across 🙂

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How CD Projekt Red Marketed Cyberpunk 2077

I prefer Ghost of Tsushima 🙂 Everyone does if we are talking about game dev and finished products. However, this does not mean Cyberpunk 2077 becomes less popular, breakthrough, “nextgenned”, hyped, or any other epithet you want to use. The situation is similar to Ballon d’Or ceremonies: there is Wesley Sneijder, but Messi wins (pointless sports reference, nevermind).

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How to Review Video in Approval Studio

You asked so many times for a video review, so we decided it would be the best way to start a year! We have already introduced support for MP4 files, and you can now proof video content. Is our video review tool free for use? Sure! Moreover, as it is currently in the beta stage, we would be happy to get any feedback.

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Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas in 2020

Well, well, well… holidays are coming! *Coca-Cola theme is playing in the background* I love this song and commercial, and, of course, I love to prepare Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. And I absolutely love choosing a wrapping. Sometimes I even think of the wrapping than of the present itself – that’s a rather funny side effect of working at a design software company…

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Worst Branding Ideas of Prominent Brands

Sometimes I get really perplexed by some rookie mistakes made by big brands who rule the market of branding strategy for years. Well, what can I say – even the greats have their bad days. This phrase may be a point of justification for the companies who have decades of experience in graphic design or marketing strategy but still are featured in our article today. 

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design myths

Busting Graphic Design Myths

Design is extremely variegated and variable. As they say –  so many men, so many minds. This is why I love design as much as all other creative spheres. The process of creation itself gives inspiration and motivation to work out something, and ideas can come to mind suddenly and in many different forms.

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Who Stands Behind the Designs of Famous Logos?

Not so much time ago, I was walking around my block and noticed that there were many Apple retailers and small shops selling products of guys from Cupertino. And sudden thought came to my mind: “I do know Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, but I do not know who made the brand identity so recognizable. I doubt that Steve or Tim took the pencils and started drawing”. When I came home, I did some quick research and found out I was right.

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How to Work Effectively With a Remote Team of Creators

For the last few months, COVID-19 pandemic has been breaking our habitual pace of life and collaboration, and remote work for the different kind of teams became not just a necessary measure, but a way to stop the virus.

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Adidas Branding: History of Logos and Best Ads

Hi there – Adidas is on the table today!

I bet you won’t find a person that has never heard of this brand. Germans are well known for creating great cars, but I must say that sports apparel is also the thing to be proud of. So, let’s begin our journey from my first, let’s say, acquaintance with the famous brand.

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Nike: History, Branding, and Best Marketing Campaigns

Hi there! How are you doing? I know you are getting more and more tired of coronavirus, quarantine, pandemic, and blah-blah-blah. Let’s wind down a little bit and continue on a somewhat forgotten category on our blog – the identity of famous brands. In this article, it’s going to be Nike. 

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