Congrats, the new version of Approval Studio is online! Traditionally, we have prepared some new features for you.

The first one – Ruler, you will find it in the updated review tool. This month Ruler will be available to all users of Approval Studio as part of beta testing. With the next release, the Ruler will be moved to the Pro version but will be available to Lite users as well, upon the request. You can measure inches, centimetres, or pixels of the reviewed artworks.

By the way, the Review Tool interface has been slightly redesigned – we hope you’d like the new icons. Also, we have added a page counter for multi-pages documents, they are now more comfortable to browse through.

We have also added the new storage counter so you could always know what percentage of your storage is used, and you need to get a few extra gigabytes.

Pro version users will enjoy the new mail suggestion feature with the address list of external reviewers.

Another new feature for Pro users is pending tasks notification. Approval Studio would remind you about the tasks that have a due date today.

Overall system speed has been increased, you will notice that in both – Dashboard and Review Tool.

Traditionally, we want to thank all the users who share with us their ideas about how to make Approval Studio better. Feel free to contact our support team to offer new features for our review tool and stay tuned for more, as we have more new features coming soon.


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