What is the most important in managing design workflow? To make the collaboration process smoother and more organized. 

Taking into consideration the human factor, it is impossible to keep track of changes and managing projects without using additional software. However, freelancers or small companies are not always able to afford it. Thus, we compiled a list of best affordable design collaboration tools. Let’s start!


Approval Studio

Cheapest plans: 15$ annually (unlimited projects) /20$ monthly (unlimited projects)

P.S. The tool is free at the moment!

Friendly UI, chat-a-like discussions, powerful review tool, and project management – this tool provides all you need for a collaborative design workflow. Proof reports is another function that will help to keep track of changes. Versioning and sharing via short URLs are also available. Project timeline, prioritization is also included.

A great bonus is 24/7 support for all types of plans.




Cheapest plan: free

It is a small but useful tool made for designers. You can add an annotation to any part of the artwork and share it with your team members, friends, or enemies (as they say😊). It is even possible to review a webpage by typing its address in the special field. The tool will make a screenshot, and you will be able to annotate it.

Bounce allows to add names of companies and workers (if you need it for project management), save feedback notes, share them via URL or social media. To make notes, the tool uses a click-and-drag function.


Red Pen


Cheapest plan: 20$ monthly (5 projects)

It is an extremely easy tool to use for design collaboration. The service remembers you after you visit Red Pen, so there is no need for permanent logins. You may think that it does not really ensure safety, but Red Pen claims your data will never leak.

After you upload the file, you receive a unique link to share it with your customer or colleague. When you come back later, not only does the site remember you, but also your uploads and links.




Cheapest plan: 12$ monthly (12 projects)

GoVisually is one of the most hyped tools for design collaboration, and, in this case, it is deserved. The app allows instant communication, using markup tools, and multiple revisions.

The tool provides a function of drag-and-drop upload loved by so many users. Annotation page is convenient and user-friendly. There are many functions available, and switching on the full-screen mode will help to concentrate on the artwork.

See our GoVisually review here.

Invision App

Cheapest plans: 0$ monthly (1 prototype)/15$ monthly (3 prototypes)

As it is stated on the main page, Invision App is prototyping and collaboration tool for design teams. High-fidelity designs, UX sketches or wireframes are now linked up.

The tool has great sharing options – with URL links to any artwork, you can give anyone the access to the project or mockup. Threads of annotations help to receive effective feedback. One more peculiar function is real-time to-do lists that will help your project go smoother.




Cheapest plan: 10$ monthly (10 projects)

It is a fully functional tool that lets upload and share concepts with clients and team members. An interesting feature is that you are allowed to add your own logo that will be visible whenever you work.

Also, guys have Google Analytics for your uploads that is protected by 256-bit SSL connection. Accounts are free but you have an opportunity to do an upgrade for extra functions and space.




Cheapest plan: free

A great tool for design collaboration with rich functionality and pricing plans. Live conversations, project history, and many more.

Unlimited file storage and views will satisfy those clients who have hundreds of iterations and versions of their designs.


Concept Inbox


Cheapest plan: 14$ monthly (3 projects)

Concept Inbox is a great tool that has unusual registration. Don’t be scared, there is nothing complicated about it. You just need to send an email to their box – enclose title of a project (in the subject field) and images you need and you will receive a dashboard with your project.

You can customize your dashboard for your needs and convenient usage. Check activities, edit annotations – this tool has all you need for the collaboration process.

Do you know any other free tools for design collaboration? Let us know if we’ve missed something interesting, and remember – any specialized proofing software will serve you much better than email proofing. Doubt it? Check our article about using emails for the proofing process.

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