We know how to solve the most common design issues and want to share our solutions with you. 10 easy steps, simple to follow, that will improve your design project speed and quality. Some of the solutions are pretty obvious, but for some reason, they are usually ignored. Are you sure that you are not one of those people ignoring the obvious? Let’s check.

10 common mistakes in graphic design:
- Initial communication with a client at the briefing phase;
- Setting the project timeline;
- Brainstorming;
- Choosing the right fonts;
- Working with fonts;
- Choosing the right images;
- Design;
- Design;
- Design;
- Checking the design;

So, what do you think? Do you agree with everything or not? Let us know! And before we wrap it all up, there’s one small thing we wanted to tell ya.

This article design was proofread with Approval Studio – it’s a design collaboration tool and review software that our team has developed and continues to improve on a daily basis. If you need a stable workflow with the design review, you’ve come to the right place!

We would very much appreciate if you tried out our tool for free and shared your experience with us. The feedback of our customers helps us improve constantly and grow.

Thank you and cheers!

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